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Business Scope

If you have requirements in the following areas, please feel free to contact us at any time:

1) Ammonia removal from wastewater

Substitute stripper and stripper to provide low-cost ammonia removal solutions for customers. For desulfurization waste liquor (high salt), landfill leachate (complex water quality), evaporative condensate, tailings leachate and so on, ammonia nitrogen can be removed below 1mg/L by using our company's high penetrating pressure (>0.6MPa) membrane material and self-developed ammonia removal process verified by rich engineering. Investment is lower than 50% of ammonia evaporation, and operation cost is lower than 70% of ammonia evaporation. It creates huge economic value for customers, and is favored by existing customers.

2) Replacement of imported membrane contactor products

Ajik's membrane products can match the international top imported products to achieve the same size and performance of the connection. The system can directly replace membrane components without any changes. Especially in 2017, Ejik's ETO12X28 membrane module was successfully replaced by Sinopec Yangtze, and successfully exported to Europe in 2018, indicating that our large-caliber membrane contactor products can already compete with world-class products.

3) Failed Membrane Contactor/Degassing Membrane System

Due to the poor performance of membrane contactor/degassing film, the system has serious water permeability and low removal rate, which can not meet the performance indicators of the equipment. Therefore, Ejik can be consulted to provide the transformation plan. Aijik products are international first-class products, so it is impossible to simply replace domestic components directly. It is necessary to reform the system and membrane rack, but we will try our best to reduce the transformation workload.

4) Deoxygenation of Boiler Water

Instead of thermal deaerator, a single set of capacity can achieve 100 t/h, dissolved oxygen as low as 5 ppb. In the chemical water workshop, the boiler feed water is directly deoxidized into the condenser of the steam turbine, so that the steam turbine generates more electricity, which is of great economic value! In the special occasions of gas boiler, waste heat boiler and marine boiler, low-level membrane deaerator without steam consumption also has great economic value, and has been widely used in power, steel, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields.

5) Decarbon dioxide from pure water

Instead of decarbonization tower, carbon dioxide in water can be removed more cleanly!

6) tail gas purification

The absorption tower for ammonia-containing tail gas can not fundamentally solve the problems of ammonia leakage and exhaust not up to the standard. Using Ejik's membrane ammonia absorption process, the site is clean and odorless, and the ammonia content in the tail gas can reach 1 ppm, which thoroughly solves the problem of treatment.

Sale:137-5716-8872 (Mr. Zhu)
Add: Yangshan Science and Technology Park, 8 Jinyan Road, Suzhou, 25 buildings, 3 floors
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