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Mature Application of Membrane Contactor

Raising terrestrial animals underwater

The application was developed by Jiangsu Ajik Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. with honor. Now it can watch mice living underwater.

See: News Center of this website

Underwater breathing mask

The application, developed honorably by Triton Korea, can now lie underwater for 45 minutes.


        This circulatory respirator, which allows you to breathe smoothly underwater, helps Bond get out of some very difficult situations. A South Korean designer, inspired by the spy device in the movie, created a concept gadget that allegedly instantly turned users into mermaids. The so-called Triton mask acts like a gill, extracting oxygen from the water, so users can breathe long underwater. Although it may not be as smart as a circulatory respirator, Jeabyun Yeon, the designer who came up with the concept, believes that it will change the way people approach water.

      To use Triton, swimmers need to bite a plastic seal. The arm-like structure extending from both sides of the diving mask will then provide the user with oxygen as efficiently as the gill. The scaly structure on the arm obscures the holes in the material used to suck water in. The chamber inside it separates oxygen and releases liquid, so that users can breathe freely in the ocean, very comfortable.

      The concept system uses a very small, but highly efficient micro compressor to compress oxygen and store it in a gas tank. The micro batteries that power the whole device are only about one-thirds of the existing batteries, but the charging speed is 1,000 times faster. But since this diving tool is still in the conceptual stage, it will take a while for you to make a reservation. Yun-Yeon describes it as a "futuristic product" that will one day replace very complex diving equipment.


Ammonia removal from wastewater

      Suzhou Edgecross Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is the application.



Ejik is in a global position in terms of the number of cases, the types of wastewater treated, the number of patents applied, the level of process control, and the mass transfer of membrane contactors. Refer to the relevant introduction of this website.

       Selection of successful cases of membrane deamination worldwide:






EON Power Company inÖrebro, Sweden




Karlskoga Heat and Power Plant, Karlskoga, Sweden




E.ON Combined Heat and Power Plant,Norrköping, Sweden




Taiwan Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC), Taiwan, Mainland China




Shenzhen Dangerous Goods Disposal Station, Guangdong, Mainland China




Taiwan Kaohsiung Qiao Xu Shares, Taiwan, Mainland China




FoxwaterSão PauloBrazil




Xingyue Printing and Dyeing, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, Mainland China




Xianglong Chemical Industry, Chizhou, Anhui, Mainland China




National Star Biology, Ma'anshan, Anhui, Mainland China




Limin Chemical Industry, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Mainland China



Deoxygenation or Carbon Dioxide of Boiler Water in Power Plant

      The use of membrane contactors to remove oxygen and carbon dioxide from power plant boiler feed water and other water is one of the major markets of 3M in the United States.

      Deoxygenation of boiler feed water is a compulsory standard in various countries. The traditional method is to use the steam generated by the boiler itself to carry out thermal deaeration. But the thermal deaerator is a kind of inefficient heating equipment, its efficiency is only 70-80%. There are many ways to improve the efficiency of thermal deaerator, such as rotating membrane, exhaust steam recovery, steam self-adaptive control and so on. Because the boiler is in operation at all times, the heating efficiency of the thermal deaerator is improved, which accumulates over time, and the energy-saving effect is very obvious. Membrane deaerator is used to subvert the thermal deaeration technology in principle. It does not need steam and reagent consumption. Compared with the thermal deaerator, the energy efficiency can reach more than 98%. Therefore, in the United States, membrane deaeration is more and more widely used in power plants. See:http://www.liqui-cel.cn/applications/O2.cfm


        Compared with power plant boilers, the requirement of deoxidization of industrial boiler's supply water is low. Domestic manufacturers have mature products and technologies.

Membrane deaerator has many advantages in the application of deoxidation of industrial boiler feed water.

        1. Energy saving. Generally speaking, compared with thermal deaerators, membrane deaerators can recover investment in 0.5-2 years by saving operating costs.

        2. Reduce the exhaust gas temperature and increase the boiler evaporation. Coal-fired boilers should prevent sulfuric acid dew point corrosion in flue, and the exhaust temperature should be over 160 C. Natural gas boilers have low sulfur content and no possibility of sulfuric acid dew point corrosion. The exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to 50 ~ 60 C. Thermal deaerator is difficult to recover flue gas heat below 100 C. Membrane deaerator water entering the boiler at room temperature can reduce the exhaust gas temperature and increase the boiler evaporation.

        3. Adapt to frequent changes in heat load. When the boiler heat load changes frequently, the boiler feed water fluctuates greatly, and the steam addition of the thermal deaerator can not adapt to the change of the boiler feed water. In order to ensure the requirement of deoxidization, excessive steam addition is needed and the heat loss is greater. Membrane deaerator does not need to adjust the power of vacuum pump according to the change of water volume to ensure the qualified oxygen at the outlet at all times.

        4. It occupies a small area and is easy to install. Thermal deaerator needs high installation, hot water tank is relatively large, occupying a large area. Membrane deaerator skid-mounted, small size, light weight, ground installation is very convenient.

        5. Low investment. Because the thermal deaerator needs high installation, the investment of foundation and steel structure is relatively high. Membrane deaerator ground installation, without investment in infrastructure and steel structure, the overall investment can be lower than thermal deaerator.

        Related products can be consulted on the website:http://www.easy-ee.com/case.aspx?classid=398

Decarbonation of Carbon Dioxide from Pure Water

      It is quite common to produce pure water by reverse osmosis. Carbonate in surface water can be converted into carbon dioxide gas after RO membrane treatment, resulting in low PH (about 5.8) of RO water production. The traditional method is to use a stripping tower to remove dissolved carbon dioxide gas from water by using a large amount of air, so that PH rises to nearly 7. But pollutants in the air can pollute the pure water. Wahaha Group's factory in Harbin uses membrane contactor to remove carbon dioxide, which reduces the blowing capacity by 90%, saves a lot of energy, and avoids the pollution of pure water caused by direct air contact. Membrane contactor components can be hung directly on the rack of reverse osmosis complete equipment, almost without occupying land. See:http://www.liqui-cel.cn/applications/CO2.cfm


Medical care

         Merck is a leader in this field.

         MERCK MILLIPORE  Millex filter with hydrophobic fluoropore membrane is very suitable for gas sterilization, sterile container ventilation and organic solution sterilization or clarification filtration. The special filter can protect the transducer from the influence of blood and humidity. The 50mm Millex filter is also used for vacuum pipeline protection. See:http://www.merckmillipore.com/CN/zh?ReferrerURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.merck.cn%2Fzh%2Fproducts_and_industries%2F


Ink defoaming

       American 3M company and Japanese DIC company are the rulers in this field.

        In the printing process, the dissolved gas will become bubbles when the ink is repeatedly pressurized, decompressed or heated by piezoelectric elements. The air bubbles are blocked at the nozzle and cannot be ejected, resulting in the absence of printing. Bubbles will disperse the pressure of piezoelectric components, resulting in the deviation of ink-jet position and blurred printing. These problems can be solved by degassing. See:



Deoxygenation of Ultra Pure Water

       American 3M company has dominated the world in this field for 20 years.

      In the semiconductor and flat/TFT industries, dissolved oxygen in water can cause bending of wafers and plates with lower conductivity. Here, the DO standard is very strict. Liqui-Cel < membrane module of 3M Company is the degassing standard of microelectronics. Its contactor product can make dissolved oxygen less than 1 ppb. Over the past 20 years, thousands of systems have been operating globally. See:http://www.liqui-cel.cn/product-information/gas-transfer.cfm

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