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Technical Questions and Answers for Membrane Conta

Problem: Membrane ammonia removal system is about investment, operation cost and area.

Answer: Generally speaking, the investment of membrane ammonia removal system is less than 50% of that of ammonia distillation, and the total operating cost is 20-40% of that of ammonia distillation. In addition, the membrane ammonia removal system occupies a small area, has a high degree of automation, simple operation, low temperature and pressure, is non-toxic and harmless, and is very safe.

Question: The influence of organic matter in wastewater on membrane life and removal efficiency.

Answer: The influence of organic matter on membrane needs to be evaluated experimentally. Generally, surfactants have a greater influence on membrane, followed by alcohols. In the existing cases, the soluble COD reached 30 000 ppm, and the membrane still had good removal rate and membrane life. Ejik has a rich list of membranes to guide the tolerance of various chemicals, but it can send water samples to the company. Specialized technicians can test the water samples, do tolerance tests, and evaluate the impact on the performance and life of the membranes.

Problem: Frequency of Cleaning and Treatment of Cleaning Water

Answer: The cleaning frequency depends on the rate of membrane removal rate and hydrophobicity attenuation. The faster the attenuation, the more frequent the cleaning. In the period of 1 week to 3 months, the changes depend on the specific situation.

The cleaning water is acidic and can be neutralized by adding alkali and then gradually mixed into the water produced by the deamination system. Cleaning water volume is very small, the general cleaning water tank is 1 m3, which can be slowly mixed into the water produced by the deamination system. If the ammonia content of cleaning water is very high and the quality of produced water is strict, it can be added to the raw water of the deamination system after precise filtration treatment and discharged after treatment.

Question: How big are acid barrels, intermediate barrels and NH4SO4 barrels?

Answer: By professional and technical personnel.

Question: Is pre-processing complex? What are the processes? What is the cost?

Answer: Pretreatment is mainly to remove suspended solids. The selection of process and equipment is determined by professional technicians before the cost of pretreatment can be calculated. The general process mainly includes sand filtration, bag filter, PP spray-melt filter element, ultrafiltration and so on. It is suggested that the owner should provide the water quality as detailed as possible so that the technicians can determine the pretreatment process and cost.

Question: NH4SO4 crystallizer price, recovery price

Answer: The price of NH4SO4 crystallizer ranges from 1.5 million to 3 million. The recovery price of NH4SO4 crystal is 300-500 yuan/ton.

Question: What is the difference between products and reverse osmosis membranes?

Answer: Reverse osmosis membrane intercepts ions (salts), all gases (such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc.) can pass through. Membrane contactor only removes gas in water (such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc.), but has no removal effect on ions, bacteria, organic matter and suspended matter in water. If other substances need to be removed, please choose other suitable membrane products.

Question: How high is the investment per ton of water?

Answer: Ammonia removal of membrane contactor is a non-standard design system, the quotation needs to first determine the process and equipment selection.

Question: How much is the operating cost? Energization

Answer: The operation cost of membrane contactor deamination mainly includes alkali, acid, membrane, electricity, heating and so on. There is no need for steam, and technicians are required to calculate the operation cost. Generally speaking, only 20-40% of ammonia is evaporated.

Question: Membrane contactor technology is too new, how about it?

Answer: Actually, membrane contactor technology has been commercialized for more than 30 years, which takes longer than the application of mobile phones. Because the technology is mainly in the hands of a few companies, the scope of application is limited. From the long-term use effect, the life of membrane contactor is much longer than that of ordinary membrane. The main reason is that there is no liquid or suspended substance passing through the micropore of the membrane contactor, and only a small amount of gas passing through it. The probability of being polluted and blocked is much lower than that of water passing through the membrane. Ejik has more than 30 cases of membrane deamination, and summarized 7 failure modes of membrane. In the design stage, these failures will be prevented to avoid problems. It ensures that Ajik's membrane ammonia removal system runs 24 hours a day for 365 days.

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Add: Yangshan Science and Technology Park, 8 Jinyan Road, Suzhou, 25 buildings, 3 floors
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