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Definition of membrane contactor

    The advantages of the membrane contactor are: large exchange interface and independent hydrodynamics make the operation easy to control. These membrane systems are generally low-cost hollow fiber membranes, which provide much larger two-phase interface area than the interface area of most conventional absorption towers, and thus have a high total mass transfer rate. In addition, the design of traditional devices is limited by the relative flow of fluids, while the effective interface provided by membrane contactors is not affected by liquid hydrodynamics. Membrane crystallizer, membrane emulsifier, membrane gas lift scrubber, membrane distillation system and membrane extractor can be designed to integrate with the existing membrane operation on the production line to achieve a higher level of molecular separation, and chemical conversion process using selective membrane and membrane reactor can overcome the limitations of the traditional membrane process (e.g. the osmosis effect of reverse osmosis concentration). Surprisingly, although these systems are "young", the potential of these membrane systems was discovered and proposed as early as the early 20th century.

"Membrane Contactor--Principle, Application and Development Prospect"

【Italy】Enrico Drioli, Alessandra Criscuoli, Efrem Curcio


Membrane contactor is a membrane system used to realize two-phase contact. Contrary to the traditional concept of membrane as a selective separation medium, the membrane does not have any selectivity for each component, but only acts as a barrier between phases, so that the phases can contact at a certain interface. The two phases separated by the capsule do not mix and disperse with each other, and the components are transferred from one phase to another only by diffusion.


Membrane Contactor System and Its Corresponding Conventional Operation

Membrane contactors

Routine operation

Membrane stripper/membrane scrubber

Packed and Bubbling Towers

Membrane extractor

Packing tower, mixing clarifier, centrifugal equipment

Supporting liquid membrane

Packing tower, bubbling tower, mixing clarifier, centrifugal equipment

Membrane distillation/osmotic distillation

Evaporation tower

Film crystallizer


Membrane emulsifier

High Pressure Homogenizer

Phase Conversion Catalysis

Chemical Reactor


Common Process of Mass Transfer Power for Membrane Contactors



Vacuum extraction

Vacuum is used to create pressure difference on one side to separate gas from water. There is no selectivity for gases, but the proportion of removed gases is related to the binding force of gases and water. For example, vacuum deoxidation in water


The partial pressure difference of a certain gas in purge gas is formed to realize mass transfer. Purge gas is selective for gases in water. What is separated is the kind of gas that is high in water and missing in purge gas. For example, air sweeps carbon dioxide

Physical absorption

The partial pressure difference can be formed on both sides of the membrane contactor by utilizing the high solubility of a solution to the gas. The higher the solubility of the solution to the gas, the lower the partial pressure of the gas in the solution. For example, the removal of toluene by aromatic hydrocarbons

Chemical absorption

High efficiency separation can be achieved by the reaction of a compound with a gas so that the partial pressure of the gas on the reaction side is always close to 0. For example, the removal of ammonia nitrogen by sulfuric acid absorption

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Add: Yangshan Science and Technology Park, 8 Jinyan Road, Suzhou, 25 buildings, 3 floors
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