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Future Prospects of Membrane Contactors

1. Membrane aeration

Compact membrane system (Inc.) has studied the performance of coated microporous membranes in different applications (aquaculture, wastewater treatment, etc.). When applied in bioreactor, the membrane can remove carbon dioxide from fermentation medium while ensuring the required oxygen transfer. Compared with the gas spray technology, the membrane contactor is capable of bubbling oxygen free. Oxygen utilization efficiency can be increased from 20-30% to 90%, energy consumption can be reduced by 2/3 and system cost can be reduced by 50%.

2. Bubbleless ozonation

Wikol et al. used DISSO3LVE membrane module to ozonate tap water. The target ozone concentration (2-10 ppm) suitable for commercial application was obtained under the conditions of total pressure of 1 bar, temperature of 25 C, ozone concentration of 235 g/m3 and flow rate of 15 L/min. Qin et al. introduced ozone into the commercial film coated by Dense Membrane System Co., Ltd. and decomposed pollutants, humic acids, phenols and nitrobenzene in water with concentrations of 20-150 ppm. The relative selectivity of perfluoropolymer for ozone, oxygen and nitrogen is 2/1.8/1, and its gas permeability is 40-50 times higher than that of common silicone rubber membranes.

3. Soda water filled with CO2

Criscuoli et al. discussed the potential of commercial Liqui-cel membranes for soda production. The use of membrane contactor to add CO2 can achieve bubble-free addition, no waste of gas, more accurate addition.

4. Recovery of Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Wastewater

Pierre et al. used Liqui-cel hollow fiber membrane contactor to extract three sulfur-containing aromatic substances from food industry wastewater by non-dispersive solvent. The feed liquid is fed into the nozzle of the membrane contactor, and the extractant flows in the shell side. For all aromatic hydrocarbons, the extraction recovery is 90-99%, and the flux obtained is always higher than that of pervaporation unit, especially when the concentration of dimethyl sulfide is 5 mL. L-1, the flux measured is 7 times different.

5. Removal of Volatile Compounds from Wastewater

Mahmud et al. used Liqui-cel microporous polypropylene hollow fiber membrane contactor to study the process of removing chloroform, toluene and their mixture from water by air stripping. Das et al. studied the method of removing trichloroethylene by vacuum pumping in the shell side of composite hollow fiber membrane module. Gonzales-Munoz et al. investigated the extraction and recovery of phenolics by Liqui-cel hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane contactor.

6. Gas Purification

Falk-Pedersen and Dannstrom used amine to study CO2 absorption. Compared with conventional absorbers and resolvers, the device volume of gas/liquid contactors is reduced by 72% (absorber) and 78% (resolver), and the weight is reduced by 66%. Teramoto et al. studied the system of separating CO2 from NH4 mixture. The selectivity of CO2/CH4 was 1970. Qi and Cussler compared the removal of CO2 and H2S from different amine solutions in microporous symmetrical polypropylene hollow fiber membrane module. The simultaneous absorption of two gases (20% H2S, 17CO2) in air was studied. The results show that the selectivity of H2S/CO2 is more than 30 for TEA as absorbent. Isetti et al. used LiCl and C(NO3)2 as absorbent solution and hydrophobic membrane contactor to study air dehumidification. Compared with traditional silica gel dehumidification, it is more energy-saving.

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Add: Yangshan Science and Technology Park, 8 Jinyan Road, Suzhou, 25 buildings, 3 floors
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