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Suzhou Edgecross Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. (Edgecross for short in the following paragraph), is a professional enterprise, focusing on R&D, manufacture, and sales of Membrane Contactor / Big-flow Membrane Degasser. Offering products and solutions based on Hollow Fiber Membrane Degasser technology, Edgecross is walking on the frontier around the world, in the area of controlling dissolved gas in liquid. It is easy to decrease O2 to 1ppb, CO2 to 1ppm, NH3 to 0.5 ppm using Edgecross™ Membrane Contactor. Up to now, Edgecross™ Membrane Contactor has been widely applied in the areas ofLearn more>>
Edgecross contactor series products have been granted national patent, which are characterized by: hollow fiber braiding, baffle, central pipe water distribution structure. We have found counterfeit products on the market.
Ammonia removal from wastewate…
Ammonia removal from wastewate…
Deammonia of evaporation/cryst…
Ammonia removal from electropl…
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